“We recently went to San Diego to look for property on our own. We met Ruth at a showing where her agency represented the seller of a property (that we didn’t make an offer on). When my wife and I found a property we really liked and decided to make an offer we considered hiring one of the agents we had met by chance in our San Diego search. Ruth had been the most professional and most prepared realtor we had met in the process. From my research, it also looked like her agency (Neuman & Neuman) had the most listings in the area we were looking. Based on those factors, we hired Ruth. From the time we made the offer to the time we closed escrow, Ruth and her team were three steps ahead of everyone else. She and her team tracked obligations and deadlines, made sure that everyone understood their obligations well in advance, managed documents and communications, and always kept us informed of where we stood the process. It’s great to see a successful agency that chooses to work twice as hard to protect their brand rather than resting on their laurels. In terms of professionalism and performance, this was a top experience.

-Frank Coughlin August 19, 2015

-Frank Coughlin